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The White Paper that started it all.

1 Bitcoin Cash = $0.00

10,500,000 coins have been mined already.
Only 10,500,000 coins left to be mined out of the total 21,000,000
143.8 Months, or 12.0 years left until the reward is reduced and coins become more rare.

How much should I buy a month?

You should purchase roughly ~ or a month.
Note, this is just a conservative guide line. You are free to put in as much as you want.

The ticker symbol for Bitcoin Cash is sometimes displayed as BCC, or BCH, or XBC depending on the exchange. A satoshi is like a penny. The smallest divisible unit, with 8 decimal places. For the following example, we'll use BCH.

0.00000001 BCH = 1 Satoshi

0.00000010 BCH = 10 Satoshis

0.00000100 BCH = 100 Satoshis

0.00001000 BCH = 1,000 Satoshis

0.00010000 BCH = 10,000 Satoshis

0.00100000 BCH = 100,000 Satoshis

0.01000000 BCH = 1,000,000 Satoshis

0.10000000 BCH = 10,000,000 Satoshis

1.00000000 BCH = 100,000,000 Satoshis

Transaction fees are calculated by the amount of data they contain. If you were to send a 100 byte transaction, the fee would be the same if you were sending $0.01 or $100,000,000. Luckily because the transaction capacity is improved from legacy Bitcoin, all transactions cost a fraction of a penny. The legacy chain reached $48+ fees at one point and many people were unable to use Bitcoin as a currency because the cost of using it sometimes exceeded what they wanted to spend it on.

Where can I learn more about Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies?

Datnoid | Bitcoin Cash  is a cryptocurrency community to learn about the best cryptocurrencies. The reviews are voted on and the best submissions make it to the top. There is a lot of information involved in determining whether a coin is a good buy or not, and Datnoid provides a way to see how the community perceives that coin.

Where can I buy Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash Resources

Coinbase  If you live in the United States, Coinbase is the most user-friendly exchange to purchase BCH. It is recommended to transfer the coins to a dedicated wallet such as CoPay after purchase.

Kraken Exchange
Bitcoin Cash Resources

Kraken  is one of the exchanges that have been around from the beginning. Exchanges require you to verify your identity and wire some money from your bank. Once you have a balance, you can exchange USD/EUR for BCH or other cryptocurrencies.

Bitstamp Exchange
Bitcoin Cash Resources Bitstamp

Bitstamp  Is a European exchange with BCH/USD, BCH/EUR, and BCH/BTC pairings. They also have credit card buys available.

Where can I play poker with Bitcoin Cash?

Blockchain Poker
Bitcoin Cash Resources  makes it quick and easy to play poker online and deposit/withdraw instantly using Bitcoin Cash.

Where can I earn Bitcoin Cash?
Bitcoin Cash Resources  is a platform where you can post content and earn Bitcoin Cash.

Open Bazaar
Bitcoin Cash Resources

Open Bazaar  is like eBay but only uses cryptocurrency. You can sell anything on there to earn crypto, or you can buy things with your Bitcoin Cash.

Local Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash Resources

Local Bitcoin Cash  The site allows users to post advertisements where they state exchange rate and payment methods for buying or selling Bitcoin Cash. You can choose to meet up in person, or trade online using their escrow services.

Where can I spend Bitcoin Cash? Store store Bitcoin Cash  is a store that sells goods for Bitcoin Cash.
Bitcoin Cash Resources  is a hub to find many things you can pay for with Bitcoin Cash.

More and more companies and services are beginning to accept Bitcoin Cash, but the infrastructure is still not very mature. However, merchants like and any store using BitPay accept Bitcoin Cash.

Where can I follow development on Bitcoin Cash?

Coin Dance BCH Protocol Development

Bitcoin Cash Mailling List

Bitcoin ABC forum

Bitcoin Cash Roadmap

Bitcoin Cash Fund for promoting BCH Bitcoin Cash API

Blocktrail Bitcoin Cash API (Python, PHP, jQuery, Node.js)