What is a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

A wallet is basically how you pay for or receive things. It's a program or app that communicates with the bitcoin protocol. Kinda like how gmail does with e-mail. A wallet acts as your "Bank Account" for your Bitcoin Cash

CoPay  is the recommended wallet because it supports both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin and is available on nearly every platform. You can download it here.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Bitcoin Cash tutorial

Because the nature of cryptocurrency, it is absolutely important to have good password management otherwise no one will be able to recover your funds for you. Luckily it is simple and this guide will handle all the thinking for you. You may even find that your life becomes more convenient as a result.

Enpass  is the recommended password manager because it is also on every platform and offers local and cloud backups. The rest of the guide requires Enpass, or an equivalent password manager.

Open Copay

Follow the on screen prompts and by default the first wallet created is for Bitcoin. Feel free to skip the backup part for now.

Click the + sign from the home page to create a new wallet.Bitcoin Cash Wallet

You will need to click the drop down and enable the BCH option to create a Bitcoin Cash wallet.Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Name your wallet whatever you'd like, but I recommend naming it "Checkings account" to differentiate it. Then click Create New Wallet

Congratulations! You just created your first Bitcoin Cash Wallet and can now send or receive Bitcoin Cash!

From the home screen click into the Bitcoin Cash Wallet you just created.

Then click Wallet not backed up Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Click Got It, then click I understand.

Now, open up Enpass, and click the + sign to add a new entry Under Finance > Other Finance.Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Name it Bitcoin Cash Checkings Account, or whatever you called your wallet from earlier. Click the Field 1 label to edit the name and call it recovery phrase. It should look something like this.Bitcoin Cash Walletclick save.

Now back into Copay, click I've written it down and click the phrase in order.Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Congratulations! You created a Bitcoin Cash wallet

As long as you have the 12 word recovery phrase, you can access your Bitcoin Cash from any wallet software anywhere.

How do I receive payments?

Click the Receive tab on the bottom. You are shown a QR code which is like a shortcut instead of having to type out that string underneath. Clicking the string also copies the address to your clipboard to paste easily.

Your address is a string of random letters and numbers that are unique to you. It's used like your e-mail address, to give to people so they can transact with you. Bitcoin Cash addresses generally begin with a q, or ap if its a multisignature wallet. There's also usually a `bitcoincash:` prefix to prevent confusion. Here is an example address bitcoincash:qrv8w60f40yjhqzfswyc39n78anxjhcx75ppt2df5c

Bitcoin Cash WalletYou may need to click the arrow to find the address of the right wallet, if you manage multiple wallets.

How do I send payments?

Click the Send tab on the bottom. You would click the icon to scan someone else's QR code to send them a transaction. You can also paste in someone's address manually.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

This wallet you have just created is aimed at being more like a wallet on hand. You wouldn't store all of your funds in one address just like how you don't keep all the money you own in your wallet. If you are interested on how to setup a much more secure vault-like wallet, check out the Advanced Section for a guide on multisignature wallets.

If you haven't yet done a transaction before, feel free to check out the  Bitcoin Cash Faucet to receive a small amount of Bitcoin Cash for free.