What is a Bitcoin Cash wallet?

A wallet is basically how you pay for or receive things. It's a program or app that communicates with the bitcoin protocol. Kinda like how gmail does with e-mail. A wallet acts as your "Bank Account" for your Bitcoin Cash.

HandCash  is the recommended wallet for all users. You can download it here.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Open HandCash

Click New Wallet On the bottom right and choose a username.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

You will be prompted about your funds and it is highly recommended to choose to Backup your funds using the Google Drive method.

Backup to your Google Drive and secure this file with a password. Make sure never to forget this password because there is no customer service to call or "Forgot password"!

Congratulations! You created a Bitcoin Cash wallet

How do I receive payments?

Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Click the QR code icon. You are shown a QR code which is like shorthand for your address. Or provide your $username to whoever is trying to send you money.

Bitcoin Cash addresses generally begin with a q, or a  p if its a multisignature wallet. There's also usually a `bitcoincash:` prefix to prevent confusion. Here is an example address bitcoincash:qrv8w60f40yjhqzfswyc39n78anxjhcx75ppt2df5c

How do I send payments?

Click the Send tab on the bottom. Enter their username or their Bitcoin Cash Address. You can also click Scan   to scan a QR code.

Enpass tutorial

Because the nature of cryptocurrency, it is absolutely important to have good password management otherwise no one will be able to recover your funds for you. Luckily it is simple and this guide will handle all the thinking for you. You may even find that your life becomes more convenient as a result.

Enpass  is the recommended password manager because it is also on every platform and offers local and cloud backups. The rest of the guide requires Enpass, or an equivalent password manager.

For more Advanced users, saving the 12 word phrase into Enpass is recommended.

Open up Enpass, and click the + sign to add a new entry Under Finance > Other Finance.Bitcoin Cash Wallet

Name it Bitcoin Cash Checkings Account. Click the Field 1 label to edit the name and call it recovery phrase. It should look something like this.Bitcoin Cash Walletclick save.

As long as you have the 12 word recovery phrase, you can access your Bitcoin Cash from any wallet software anywhere.

This wallet you have just created is aimed at being more like a wallet on hand. You wouldn't store all of your funds in one address just like how you don't keep all the money you own in your pockets. If you are interested on how to setup a much more secure vault-like wallet, check out the Advanced Section for a guide on multisignature wallets.

If you haven't yet done a transaction before, feel free to check out the  Bitcoin Cash Faucet to receive a small amount of Bitcoin Cash for free.